Amethyst / Clear Quartz Energy Generator

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High grade Amethyst crystal generator. A wonderful tool for amplifying power during spell work, heightening spiritual awareness and offering protection. The points of the generator are set in place by silver plated metal with cut out detailing.

Measures 80mm in length by 10-15mm in height.

(size, shape and weight may vary)

How to utilise your generator: Your generator will amplify the metaphysical properties of the crystal from which it is made. For instance, an amethyst generator will amplify luck, protection, healing and psychic ability, to name a few of its properties. A tourmaline generator will amplify protection, banishing and cleansing to name a few.

To get the most from your generator Research all of the properties  of the crystal from which it is made and make a note of them. You can then use your generator to aide in spell work calling for those properties.

  • Place on the altar to amplify energy raised in spell work
  • Use at the centre of a crystal grid, surrounding by other crystals which correspond to what you are trying to manifest
  • Place anywhere that you feel will benefit from the energy and properties belonging to the generator
  • Hold your generator and focus upon your intention during meditation or spell work
  • Place on a windowsill on the full moon night each month to charge your generator and keep it working to the best of its ability.

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Weight 25 g