Natural Dream Amethyst (Chevron) Chunk (25g-50g)


A raw natural chunk of dream amethyst, otherwise known as chevron amethyst. With intricate banding and layers and dark amethyst shades. Each piece weighs approx between 25g-50g per piece.

Weights may vary slightly

Dream Amethyst is a combination of amethyst and white quartz, mixed together in a striped or banded pattern. Chevron amethyst combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of quartz with the stress relieving qualities of amethyst. This symbiotic combination of minerals lends itself to a wonderfully spiritual stone, which is great for gently removing the veils that obscure some of the hidden meanings in life.
Chevron Amethyst is one of the best stones to work with the Third-Eye, enhancing both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence. Use Chevron Amethyst to help remove resistance to change, and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds. Chevron Amethyst creates a strong healing field around the user, and as such, is a good choice to cleanse the aura and to enhance the immune system.