Aura Ocean Jasper Rat


A cut and polished aura ocean jasper rat carving with intricate markings. The rat is approx 33g and has approx dimensions 42mm x 22mm.

*Weights and sizes may vary but will be somewhere near the figures given above*

Aura jasper has been bonded with the microns (or atoms) of precious metals. This process is called vacuum metalising and is actually an industrial process used to bond aluminium to the inside of headlights on vehicles.

The jasper is placed in a vacuum chamber, the air is then removed and microns (tiny particles) of a pure precious metal, or sometimes a mixture of precious metals, is puffed into the vacuum chamber. This settles onto the gemstone and a bonding process takes place, permanently bonding the microns to the quartz. This bonding cannot be removed, nor does it peel off (as silver plating might). The only way of removing it would be to smash the top layer off the crystal. Each metal produces a different colour.

Additional information

Weight 33 g
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 25 mm